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(Writing this from my hotel computer.)

I am saddened to inform all fans of Wolf Mountain Sanctuary that Istas, wolf ambassador, model, and movie star, passed away yesterday during a surgical procedure. My aunt Tonya, who runs the sanctuary, is heartbroken.

Istas was one of the most unique wolves I have had the pleasure of befriending and working with. I shall never forget him; the beautiful soul with turquoise eyes...

Istas 4 by DaybreaksDawn

Istas 5 by DaybreaksDawn

Istas 7 by DaybreaksDawn

Lazy Istas by DaybreaksDawn

Istas' Beauty by DaybreaksDawn

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary's website:

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary's Facebook page:…



ALL animal totem and spirit jewelry is made with NATURALLY SHED fur groomed from live, happy, and well cared for animals that reside at wildlife sanctuaries or nature centers. No animals are harmed in the collection of this naturally shed fur. (Indeed, I groomed many of these animals myself, as I am an experienced animal handler and caretaker.)


Commissions on my custom sized woven bracelets made from yarn spun from naturally shed wolf and coyote fur. This fur comes from live, happy wolves and coyotes that reside at wildlife sanctuaries I support.

Commissioners get to choose from a vast array of natural fur colors, and may even request that their bracelet be made from fur groomed from specific wolves (up to three fur colors/different wolves' fur per bracelet.) I will then spin the fur the buyer chooses, weave the bracelet, and size it to fit their wrist. Each bracelet will then be put up as a reserved custom listing on my ArtFire shop that only the intended buyer may purchase.

Here is a link to my ArtFire shop:…

Each custom bracelet will cost $35.00, and can be shipped to the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Listed below are fur color and leather choices. I am even offering imitation leather for people who would prefer faux as an option. These bracelets will have the same basic design as my standard customizable White, Gray, Black, and Gray and White Wolf woven bracelets.

Link to view the standard White Wolf woven bracelet:

NOTE: I will be taking only four commissions at a time, with only one bracelet available to be made per commission slot. (You can commission me more than once!) I will post slots as follows:

1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
4. Open

Shed wolf fur colors available are as follows: Gray, buff, brown, golden, black, and white.

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary wolves I have fur available from: Segoni (light gray,) Wacipi (very dark gray and black,) Wanagi (golden brown,) Mireya (light brown, dark brown, and white,) Niwah (brown and buff,) Blue (gray,) Shanta Wanagi (dark gray and black,) Wakinyan (dark gray and black,) Wana (light gray,) Takanni (black,) Denali (gray and golden,) Mishomi (gray and white,) and Durango (brown.)

I also have fur from Ivory, Wolf Mountain Sanctuary's resident white coy-dog, and naturally shed gray fur available from Fox Wood Wildlife Rescue's lovely Eastern Coyotes.

Leather color choices include black, brown, and tan. Faux leather only comes in black at the moment. Closure bead choices include black buffalo horn, natural wood, or pewter.

If you'd like a commission, please note me with details and any questions you may have.

I will be needing an accurate wrist measurement from each customer, as these bracelets are custom sized to fit each individual.



My animal totem charm necklaces and bracelets are composed of gemstones, pewter and zinc alloy beads, a bottle containing naturally shed fur (obtained for a donation, art trade, or groomed myself) from many different animal sanctuaries across the United States, and a pewter charm of the species of animal that fur belongs to.

Currently, I am selling wolf, Gray Wolf, Timber Wolf, Black Wolf, Arctic Wolf, Arctic Fox, Red Fox, Silver Fox, Eastern Coyote, White Western Coyote/Coydog, Buffalo, and Black Bear gemstone totem charm bracelets. These bracelets come in many sizes, and can easily be adjusted to fit larger wrist sizes. Animal totem charm necklaces are available in Gray Wolf, Black Wolf, Arctic Wolf, Arctic Fox and Eastern Coyote.

Animal totem charms, a smaller, less expensive item that include a pewter charm, lobster clasp, and a glass bottle filled with naturally shed fur are available from Gray Wolves, Timber Wolves, Black Wolves, White Wolves, Eastern Coyotes, and Black Bears.

Animal Spirit Pendant Necklaces, a much simpler design than my gemstone animal spirit totem charm necklaces, are also available for purchase. I can make custom pendant necklaces quite easily. :)

There are also a few fiber art and leathercraft items available; woven bracelets of shed wolf fur (sized and cut for a custom fit) and leather medicine bags stuffed with naturally shed wolf fur, tumbled stones, and natural dried sage leaves.

Custom orders for sizing of most existing bracelet designs are available. If you want a custom size, please contact me via my ArtFire account. Thanks!

Items labeled as -SOLD- are not likely to be made again.

Items labeled as -OUTOFSTOCK- will be available again as soon as possible.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each animal item in my shop will be donated to the wildlife sanctuaries I support. Wolf Mountain Sanctuary spirit totem charm bracelets and gemstone charm necklaces are specialty items that can only be purchased at the sanctuary itself for the time being. W.O.L.F Sanctuary items are available at W.O.L.F Sanctuary. I try my best to keep the sanctuaries I support and work with stocked with a variety of jewelry items I create and donate directly to their gift shops. In fact, most of the jewelry I make gets donated back to the animal sanctuaries, instead of ending up for sale online. :giggle:

Address of my ArtFire shop:…

Web addresses of a few of the Wildlife Sanctuaries and Nature Centers I work with:

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary's website:

W.O.L.F Sanctuary's website:

Fox Wood Wildlife Rescue's website:

I also support Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples, Florida, by sponsoring three of their beautiful rescue foxes; Dickens, Inoli, and Milo. :aww:

Shy Wolf Sanctuary's website:

Hope to be adding more in the future, plus a list of wildlife sanctuaries where visitors can interact with the resident animals.

Thanks everyone!




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