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January 2, 2013
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White Coyote Spirit Totem Pendant Necklace by DaybreaksDawn White Coyote Spirit Totem Pendant Necklace by DaybreaksDawn
The White Coyote Spirit Totem Pendant Necklace was made for those who have a special connection with nature, wildlife, the coyote, or just want to wear something a little different. This necklace includes a glass bottle pendant filled with naturally shed fur from a beautiful White Western Coyote/dog cross, a southwestern style pewter coyote charm, and a real turquoise bead, strung on an off-white multi-strand linen cord.

The fur contained within the charm bottle was groomed personally by me from a pure white Western Coyote/dog cross during her natural spring shedding process. No animals were harmed in the collection of this naturally shed fur.

Necklace cord measures fourteen inches, and is adjustable up to sixteen inches.

I will be donating proceeds from the sale of this necklace to Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in Lucerne Valley, California, where the white coy-dog who so generously donated her shed fur for the creation of this necklace resides. :)

Again, this fur was naturally shed and groomed from a live coy-dog residing at an animal sanctuary I support. NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED in the making of this necklace.

If you wish to purchase this necklace, it is available for sale online in my ArtFire shop. [link]
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